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I am inspired by the rhythms of nature, using my hands to create, and beauty in simplicity.

Before working in the birth world, I worked as a farmer growing plants, trees, and raising livestock.  In this work, I found my job was less about growing plants and more about creating the conditions where plants can thrive and letting them do their magic. That lesson has been so valuable to being a mother of my young daughter and working with women through labor.

My interest in birth really took hold when I was pregnant with my daughter. My love of nurturing plants and animals is now transmitted into nurturing mothers and small humans.  And my fascination with plants turned towards the female body and the innate knowledge that it holds.

I earned a BA from Columbia University in Environmental Science.  I have been trained as a birth doula by Carriage House Birth and in placenta encapsulation through IPPA.

My work is informed by somatic experiencing, my latent Vipassana meditation practice, and Chinese medicine which all point me towards an embodied and gentle approach.

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