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Mother Circle - Let's Gather Together

Mothers are not meant to walk through the threshold or along the journey of motherhood alone.  Mother circle is an 8 week gathering where we can explore the often unseen and unspoken arc of motherhood.  It is for women at all stages of the motherhood journey from being supporters of mothers, those hoping to be mothers some day, those who are currently mothers and grandmothers, and those who were mothers and have experienced loss.

Mother circle will help you metabolize your experiences, gain clarity, and move towards a greater wisdom that comes from within.  And mother circle will offer sisterhood for those longing for deeper conversations and connections about this transformative time.


The 8 Week Class Arc

MotherDive 1.png

Entering motherhood is an underworld journey often not seen and recognized by the outer world.  Learn the arc of this journey, the tools to be present to it, and be witnessed as you locate yourself within it.

MotherCycle 1.png

Awareness of our cyclical nature can help us align with our innate wisdom as mothers. Explore how being in rhythm with the cycles in and around us gives us more access to our wholeness and our power.

MotherBody 1.png

Everything a new baby needs, a new mother also needs. Learn a powerful framework for assessing your physical and emotional wellness, and how to tend to what's needed in your body no matter where you are at in your motherhood journey.

MotherJaguar 1.png

The predator - prey dynamic is present in our experience of birth and motherhood. Explore how this awareness and understanding of your nervous system can impact your everyday life and mothering.

MotherLover 1.png

There is often a split between being a mother and being sexual.  Learn how to connect with your ever changing sexuality as a mother and become more at home in your body and your sexuality.

MotherBirth 1.png

Birth is an initiatory experience that fundamentally changes us.  We'll explore ways to access and share this experience that locates the wisdom that it has to offer for our motherhood journeys.

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Motherhood changes how we relate to our work in the world.  Explore the relationship between your worth and your value and anchor the things that nurture your worth as part of your mothering practice.

MotherCode 1.png

We have a powerful opportunity to imagine the legacy we'd like to leave.  We are shaped by our motherline and the mothers around us, and we can choose what we want to carry forward.  Together we'll identify the values that we want to guide our mothering and shape our lineage.


The Offering Details

  • We will meet for 8 Saturdays October 7 - December 4 (one week off for Thanksgiving) from 10-11:30am.

  • Location is at my home in the Elysian Valley neighborhood of Echo Park.  We will meet in an outdoor covered area in my backyard.

  • Class size will be a maximum of 12 women.

  • Price is $200 for the 8 weeks.

  • To sign up, email me at

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